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Mendoza Argentina. Espíritu Grande
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Argentina. Más que una Nación
Sentí Mendoza

Feel Mendoza

Watched over by the beauty of the great Andes mounts. Mendoza decks out in celebration to receive the thousands of tourists that visit this beautiful province every year seduced by its views, wines and people.

Dique Potrerillos Aconcagua Fuente de los Continentes en Otoño Plaza Independencia Tango en Mendoza Portones del Parque General San Martín Fiesta de la Vendimia Bicicleta en viñedos Viñas de Mendoza Vinos mendocinos Acequias en Mendoza

Mendoza City

Mendoza city is situated in one of the most beautiful oasis created by men. The 500 km. of street side irrigation canals that cross the city give rise to lush groves and carefully maintained green spaces. The city is the administrative, commercial and cultural center of the province. It provides many recreation options like movie theatres, theatres, museums, art galleries, discotheques and a vital commercial life. It also has many cafés, tea rooms, pubs and excellent restaurants that offer a range of options going from the typical argentinean barbecue to the most sophisticated international cuisine dishes.

Mendoza Weather

As opposed to other places in the world, Mendoza has four well marked seasons. This provokes deep temperature changes along the year and low rainfall.

The summer is warm with average temperatures over the 25ºC and a bright and immense sun that hides behind the mountains every day coloring the mountain sky with an impressive orange color.

Autumn is simply beautiful: the tree leaves are colored with yellow, changing the views in all the province, until they dry and fall helped by the wind blowing more strongly. From this season onwards, temperatures tend to be colder.

The marvelous winter extends from June to September, with low temperatures, but always with the company of the sun. The snow appears in the mountains giving the possibility of enjoying an infinite of activities from sky, snowboard to trekking, mountaineering, etc.

Spring awakens trees and flowers that start to be reborn helped by the pleasant temperatures of this time of the year. The landscape is redrawn in green to decorate this beautiful province in its entirety.

Tourist Land

The variety of options to have fun and relax that this land offers is really attractive for the thousands of argentinean and foreign tourists that choose Mendoza every year, whatever the time of the year.

Mountains with eternal snow, valleys with tumultuous rivers, plains and deserts with silent magic, prodigal oasis and activities for everybody. Winter sports in sky centers of international level, nautical sports and exceptional water mirrors, adventure tourism, sport fishing…

Among the infinite number of alternatives we can enjoy:

• Parque Provincial Aconcagua y Cerro Aconcagua (Las Heras)
• Camino al Cristo Redentor (Luján de Cuyo)
• Puente del Inca (Las Heras)
• Centro invernal Los Penitentes (Las Heras)
• Centro invernal Vallecitos (Lujan de Cuyo)
• Las Leñas (Malargüe)
• Caverna de las Brujas (Malargüe)
• Cañón de Atuel (San Rafael)
• Los Reyunos (San Rafael)
• El Nihuil (San Rafael)
• El Sosneado (San Rafael)
• Cerro Nevado (San Rafael)
• Agua del Toro (San Rafael)
• Valle Grande (San Rafael)
• Reserva Laguna del Diamante (San Carlos)

Geographical Location

Mendoza covers a territory of 148,827 km2 and it is situated in the Center-West of Argentina Republic, at the foot of the Andes Mountain Range, the highest in America. Together with San Juan, San Luis and La Rioja, it is part of the touristic area known as Cuyo.

Mapa de Mendoza

Land of Sun and Good Wines

The geography and weather of this province turn Mendoza into an ideal place for grapevine growing, offering a wide range variety of the highest level. This dream province is the principal viticulture area of the country and the birthplace of the best Malbec in the world, with a grape production that represents the 60% of the national growing. Mendoza wines are worldly recognized due to their quality and variety.

Tierra del Sol y del Buen Vino

Year after year, the first March weekend and almost with no interruptions since 1936, Mendoza celebrates the Vintage Festival. This is the most important celebration for the mendocinians since it is a tribute to the farm worker in which we celebrate the harvesting of the wine fruit.

It is Good to Know

• Mendoza City » Buenos Aires: 1050 Km
• Mendoza City » Valle de Uco: 110 Km
• Mendoza City » San Rafael: 233 Km
• Mendoza City » Las Leñas: 400 Km
• Mendoza City » Vallecitos: 80 Km
• Mendoza City » Santiago de Chile: 320 Km
• Mendoza City » Córdoba: 700 Km

Flight Frequencies:
There are daily fights Mendoza / Buenos Aires / Mendoza since 6:00 am until 10p.m.l For more information visit

Bus Frequencies (Buenos Aires - Mendoza)
There are many transportation companies with daily trips from Buenos Aires to Mendoza and vice versa. Most of the departures are after 17:00 pm from any of the two points and the duration of the trip is of approximately 12 hours.

Image Gallery

Cerro Aconcagua
Cerro de La Gloria
Laguna del Diamante
Puente de Inca
Río Atuel
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Trekking en Mendoza
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