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Mendoza Argentina. Espíritu Grande
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¿Por qué elegirnos?
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¿Why Choose Us?

Passion, experience and compromise identify our work. We envision, project and create adventure programs to give you the best mountain experience possible.

Higher Probability of Success

We consider that the acclimatization process is a key factor to succeed in your adventure. That’s why our trekkings are designed to achieve the highest possible degree of acclimatization before going for the summit. This is of considerable help for those who do not have much experience in mountaineering, increasing their chances of success in a hundred percent.

Guaranteed Adventure!

In all our programs the departure is guaranteed. They are not suspended under any point of view. If, for any reason, we do not have the minimum of people required, we, anyway, carry on the expedition without overcharging you and respecting the original itinerary and all the services included in the expedition.

If we require more time due to bad weather or acclimatization needs, we will use the extra days included in the programs.


With the environment: The Andes is a natural reserve and all our services meet the regulations and ecological care required, in close collaboration with the Ranger Service.

With the community: ANDEMARA donates a 1 % of its profits to UNICEF to cooperate with the labor that this institution carries on with the most unprotected children in Argentina. Your adventure with us will provide help for those who need it most!

Is our Favourite Activity

We love what we do. And, above all, we love to share it with you! We will enjoy many views, sounds and sensations that the Andes and its surroundings have to offer us. We will make sure that you discover all of them, not only by looking at them, but also understanding the role that each of them plays in the environment. Apart from this, you will share the intimate atmosphere that small groups with people pursuing your same goals provide.

Always thinking of you! We give our programs a plus:

Nutritious Food

Our trekking food is carefully planned by professional nutritionist, calculating the day calories and carbohydrates and caring about the flavor and variety.

We provide food for high altitude camps, snacks and lunch on the way and full board in our camps. We can also work out your mountain food plan. We also take into account if you are vegetarian or allergic to any kind of food.

The Best Equipment

ANDEMARA has high quality room tents for our high altitude camps since we use world known branches like The North Face, Marmot and Wild Country.

Accommodation at high altitude camps consists on two people per tent, but, if our guide considers it necessary, we may place a maximum of three people in each one.

The technical equipment provided is of first quality, approved by the UIAA (International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation) and acquired at the best shops in the U.S.A and Europe, reaching the highest international standards of quality and service.


We know how important it is for our clients to carry through a secure and reliable adventure.

That’s why, we have a team of professional guides with wide experience in mountain sports. We select them carefully and train them according to the international standards of mountaineering.

Most of our guides have been trained at the prestigiousEscuela Mendocina de Guías de Alta Montaña y Trekking (Mendoza School of Trekking and High Mountain Guides), or have undergone the rigorous examination provided by the Asociación Argentina de Guías de Alta Montaña(Argentina Association of High Mountain Guides)

Apart from reducing to cero the risks of your trips, we have all the standard high mountain equipment (altimeter, ropes, pickaxes, digital oximeter, medicines and first aid kit)

Personalize Attention

Since our attention is personalized, you can count on us at any moment, whether to advise you, or answer questions and give you information on technical details. Specialized staff will respond to your concerns.

This is also reflected in all the ANDEMARA TREKKING programs. In each of them, the groups are carefully planned. Every trekking is coordinated with one mountain guide every 3 or 4 people. If, for any reason, a member needs to descend or takes a slower pace than the rest, he/she will always be accompanied by one of our guides.

Quality and Innovation at your Service

One of our strengths has been our obsession for quality. We have always believed that our compromise doesn’t end when you pay for the trekking program. On the contrary, it’s just beginning. We work untiringly to give you an exclusive quality service from the first moment.

We believe that permanent innovation must be an inherent characteristic in every adventure tourism company. That’s why we are committed to provide you the most innovative and fantastic programs in the market. All in seek to make you discover a new way of trekking the Andes.

Radio Comunication and Permanent Presence in the Area

All our guides take VHF radios and maintain permanent communication with our base camps, rescue patrols and mountain rangers from any point. That is why, the response in case of contingency is immediate. .

Your Baggage Care

If your idea is not to take all your baggage with you, you can leave it in our offices in Mendoza and we will take care of it.

Our Friends

«Hi! I just wanted to give you my feedback on this trip. First and foremost, you, all the work team, were incredible, fun, warm and kind. To be honest, I felt very comfortable and cared by you.teh logistic of the trip was unsurpassable. I am really thankful for the experience I lived thanks to you. I hope new adventures come up to share with you. You deserve the best for the love you put in everything you do, your care for nature and the willingness to share what you know with others.» Greetings with love. Luciana Pintos Villalba. Buenos Aires – Argentina.

«We are very thankful for so marvelous days. Pablo and Andrea were incredible guides and they really helped to turn this into a very special trip. Don’t have the slightest doubt! I will pass your information to every people I know who wants to go to Mendoza. We hope to come back tooRegards. Anne Tadlock – Steve Lotter. California – USA.

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