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1. Datos personales

Complete Adress:
Date of Birht: (dd/mm/yyyy)
Tipo de documento:
Número de documento:

2. Contact in case of Emergency

Phone: (with country and city code)

3. Medic info

Blood type:
Do you do any medical treatment? (Explain)
Do you have any physical limitations or special condition?
If female Are you pregnant?
What is your blood pressure? (Range High / Low)
Do you take any medications regularly? (Specify)
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4. Trekking info

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5. Observations

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6. Terms and conditions of prestación del servicio

Términos y condiciones generales del servicio:

Art. 1 – Expressed Conditions:
When the CLIENT sends his/her RESERVATION FORM and the same is accepted by the PROVIDER, this CONFIRMS that the CLIENT is in TOTAL agreement and accepts each and all of the conditions detailed in the present contract and guarantees that all the information provided in his/her reservation form is complete and true, in the nature of a sworn statement to administrative and legal effects.

Art. 2 – Reservations:
the reservations will be received and confirmed when they are formalized by: a) Completion of the RESERVATION FORM that can be found at A reservation form must be completed for each person participating in the trekking, completing all the information infallibly. The CLIENT must advise the PROVIDER immediately of any changes in the information provided. b) The deposit payment equal to 30% of the total value of the trekking through the PROVIDER’S international bank account or through Paypal. All expenses associated with the deposit by any of the aforementioned means will be charged to the CLIENT. c) The confirmation of the acceptance of the reservation by ANDEMARA – Trekking & Adventure by means of electronic mail.

Art. 3 – Cancellation Cost:
The remaining cost of the excursion must be canceled before the beginning of the excursion. It is preferred that the CLIENT pay the final cost in cash. If the CLIENT pays the remaining cost by Credit Card, an additional fee of 15% will be added onto the total charged in the concept of commissions and administrative costs associated with the credit card.

Art. 4 – Pricing:
all the prices and/or quotes indicated by the publications of the company are expressed in U.S. DOLLARS and in its absence in EUROS and are subject to modification without prior warning.

Art. 5 – Reservation Modifications:
if the CLIENT wishes to make a change to a confirmed reservation, he/she must notify the PROVIDER in writing before 15 days of the services stars. These changes assume an administrative cost of USD 50 (fifty U.S. dollars) per person.

Art. 6 – Reservation Cancellation:
The cancellation of any reservation must be made in writing and 15 days before the trekking starts, without exception. Under no circunstances will the deposit be refunded instead the CLIENT will assume a credit in his/her favor (if applicable) equivalent to the amount paid less 15% of administrative fee, to be used towards different services offered by ANDEMARA – Trekking & Adventure in season and for the lapse of two years.

Art. 7 – Modifications:
the PROVIDER reserves the right to modify itineraries, services, departure dates, etc., if by this the PROVIDER may offer a better service, or when an act of God or sheer force obligates them to do so. Reasons for sheer force include: strikes, earthquakes, civil war, quarantine, revolutions, fires, adverse meteorological conditions, epidemics, foul state or damage of roads/trails, being these merely declared. The PROVIDER reserves the right to cancel a trip due to reasons of sheer force or when the minimum number of passengers required by the program is not met. In such a case, the cancellation will be confirmed to the CLIENT in writing. The CLIENT may opt between: a) Require the refund of the amount paid. b) Assume a credit which he/she can use for other services offered by the PROVIDER. In all cases, the passengers renounce the right to claim any type of economic indemnification.

Art. 8 – Modifications during the trekking:
It is in the nature of this type of expedition to be flexible to changes. The daily itinerary and the coordination of details are assumed as an objective to achieve and not as a contractual obligation. It is necessary to add a condition where the CLIENT accepts the flexibility of the PROVIDER’S adventure trips whereby he/she also accepts that the PROVIDER can not be responsible for delays or alterations in the itinerary for causes such as (but not exclusive to) loss of luggage by the airlines, climatic conditions, damage of material, flight cancellations, illnesses, wars, strikes, sheer force.

Art. 9 – High altitude mountain guides:
Given the nature of the services contracted by the CLIENT, the decisions of the guide as the leader of the itinerary and objectives are determinant and final. The acceptance of these conditions manifest the CLIENTS complete conformity. If by behavior, physical condition or any other reason created by the CLIENT, that in the criteria of the guide determines a threat to the security, health or wellbeing of the group as a whole or of himself/herself, the CLIENT will be informed to abandon the trip forfeiting any right to a refund of any kind. The company may denounce before a rescue patrol or before the competent organisms the failure to comply with the orders given by the expedition guide on the part of the CLIENT. The company is grated the right to resort to the public force in the case that it should be necessary. The CLIENT accepts the authority of the guide concerning decisions that involve variations in the itineraries or expeditions, even if they have an effect on the timetable or the people that integrate it.

Art. 10 – Discounts:
During any expedition, if the guide of the trekking determines that the conditions are unsafe to continue, based on different factors such as: climatic conditions or foul conditions of the roads/trails, the CLIENT will receive an non-transferable voucher with a credit of 15% of the cost of the expedition to be utilized in the purchase of another expedition. This credit will be valid during two seasons beginning with the current season.

Art. 11 – Documentation:
The PROVIDER declines all responsibility in the case that the CLIENT, by any authority, is rejected in his/her entry into Argentina or detained for the possession of drugs or for any other circumstance; or for being denied entry to the country due to the lack or absence of any essential requirements or information in his/her passport. The PROVIDER declines all coverage in these cases and any cost originated by the aforementioned motives or others of similar nature are the responsibility of the CLIENT, where in these circumstances the conditions for the voluntary cancellation of the service apply.

Art. 12 – Luggage:
All luggage and personal effects of the CLIENT will be at all times under the responsibility and risk of the CLIENT. When the luggage is transferred by vehicles, porters or mules contracted through the PROVIDER, in the case of accident, loss or damage, the parts expressly convene that the amount to be compensated for the total will be USD 100 (one-hundred and fifty U.S. dollars).

Art. 13 – Included Services:
The services that the PROVIDER is obligated to render during the realization of the contracted expedition are those established according to the details of services included in the information sent for each program and published on the PROVIDERS Web site.

Art. 14 – Excluded Services:
the expedition does not include any of the services that are not found included within the aforementioned such as extras, drinks, telephone calls, wash and ironing of clothes, tips, meals en route, admission to relaxation or amusement centers, parks and natural reserves, etc. and all services that are not found duly specified in the programs published on the PROVIDERS Web site.

Art. 15 – Services Not Taken:
The price of the expeditions is quoted as a packet in so much that no reimbursement or compensation will be given for the non-use of services such as lodging,

transport, food or any other service included in the expedition and not used.

Art. 16 – Intermediation:
The PROVIDER is authorized to take on third party services to the effects of carrying out the objective of this contract and the provision of its services.

Art. 17 – Personal Conditions:
The CLIENT should be in a good physical and mental state for the type of activity he/she plans to realize. Prior medical check-ups are entirely under the responsibility of the CLIENT and the PROVIDER will not accept any responsibility in the case that these are not completed. The programs of the PROVIDER take place in remote areas, with limited possibilities of access to medical services or hospitals. Because of this, it is vital that the CLIENT state any type of illness or medical condition they may have on the booking form. The guides of the PROVIDER are amply prepared to act in emergency situations and carry at all times an ample first aid kit. Still, it is the responsibility of the CLIENT to bring medications specific to his/her condition in the case that they be necessary as well as informing the PROVIDER in a timely fashion if he/she requires special food options (celiac, diabetics, etc.)

Art. 18 – Equipment:
The CLIENT is completely responsible for bringing his/her own equipment and appropriate clothing, a list of which is provided in the written information of the expedition and which will be checked by the guides on the first day of the expedition. The PROVIDER puts at the disposal of the CLIENT, personnel trained to consult in the choice of equipment. The PROVIDER through its guides, coordinators and all those who work in association, will not be responsible for any accident or delay that may occur as a result of inadequate equipment or clothing.

Art. 20 – Complaints:
Neither the Provider, nor the owners of the services provided will receive a formal complaint unless it is made in writing in Spanish within 15 days of the conclusion of the expedition.

Art. 21 – Insurance:
Personal travel insurance is not included in the price of the program. The CLIENT should purchase an insurance policy which covers life and health, such as: Life Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, Insurance against theft of personal belongings, among others, on their own account and according to his/her own requirements. The PROVIDER reserves the right to not admit a CLIENT in the case that it is considered that he/she has not purchased the corresponding insurance policies.

Art. 22 – Expenses for abandonment of the trip (Expedition, Program):
The itinerary is quoted with group prices in order to provide more and better services at a lower cost. When the CLIENT abandons the itinerary for whatever reason (personal reasons, illness, among others), he/she begins to take on services privately, totally outside the PROVIDER. The lodging included in the expedition can be used outside the itinerary, but in the case of needing additional lodging, food or other extra services, the cost must be assumed by the CLIENT.

Art. 23 – Additional days:
The additional days noted in the expedition are used only when an eventuality is produced. Said use is subject to exceptional climatic conditions or subject to the personal decision of the guide, who according to his/her knowledge and understanding, will decide whether or not it is necessary. Said additional days include all the services in the camp where the guide decides to wait. In the case that these additional days are not necessary, the same are not replaced by lodging in other establishments nor are they considered a credit in favor of the CLIENT.

Art. 24 – Generally Accepted Conditions:
The reservation is accepted with the understanding that the CLIENT declares that he/she is over the age of 21 and has read and accepted the risk potential that is involved with this type of trip (expedition/program) and is mentally and physically capable to participate in the required activities. That his/her participation is voluntary. That he/she accepts that despite the measures taken by the PROVIDER to provide the CLIENT with the necessary equipment and capable guides, these adventure activities are hazardous. Certainly these hazards are inherent to the activity and cannot be eliminated without destroying the its unique character. These inherent hazards are some of the elements that can cause loss or damage to equipment or accidental injuries, illnesses or in extreme cases may cause irreparable loss or death.

Art. 25 – Jurisdiction:
The present contract and its annexes are exclusively governed by these general conditions and by the applicable norms that regulate the subject. For any divergence that may present itself, the Tribunales Ordinarios de la Primera Cincunscipcion Judicial de Mendoza (the Normal Tribunals of the First Judicial Circumscription of Mendoza) are considered competent, hence excluding any other Jurisdiction, specifically the Federal or those of other countries.

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