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The Andes

The Andes Mountain Range

The Andes is one of the most interesting destinations for the XXI Century mountaineer. The high Andes extend from Venezuela to Argentina, finding between Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Peru 13 mountains over 6,500 meters high.

The Los Andes Mountain Range is one of the most interesting destinations for the XXI Century mountaineers. It extends from Venezuela to Argentina and between this, Chile, Bolivia and Perú, we find 13 mounts of more than 6500 meters of altitude.

They represent a long awaited destination for mountaineers of all over the world. Another advantage is that the cost of coming to Los Andes is not as high as in the case of the Himalaya, they are not as risky as the African mountains and we don’t have as many visitors as the European mountains.

In the South extreme, they are a natural frontier between Argentina and Chile. In the central part of the mountain extension there is a geological widening that gives rise to a high plateau known as Altiplano (high plateau). This includes Argentina, Chile and the major part of Bolivia and Perú.
In the North of Perú and Ecuador, the Andes narrow to widen again at Colombia, where it divides into three branches: two going to the Northwest of Colombia and the other, which gets into Venezuela until almost reaching the Caribbean.

Mendoza Andes

Mendoza province is part of the group of argentinean provinces vertically crossed by the Andes. This turns Mendoza into one of the most important touristic destinations in our country, especially for people like you who are looking for unrepeatable and unforgettable adventures.

The Mendoza Andes are made up of:

The Main Mountain Chain: It is a result of a young geological folding with an average height of 6500 masl approximately. It has two well defined sectors: One in the North of the province that extends up to the Diamante River and is characterized by a narrow and high strip which finds its maximum expression in the 6969 m.a.s.l of the Aconcagua Mount. The other extends Southwards from the Diamante River and forms a wider and lower orographic strip.

The Frontal Mountain Chain: It is made up of elevated blocks that do not constitute a continuous chain. It extends from the North of the province up to the Diamante River and its average height is of 5000 m.a.s.l.

The Foothills: It is old and renewed. It is lower and less extensive than the two previous ones. It develops from the North of the province up to the Mendoza River with an average altitude of 4500 m.a.s.l.

El Plata Mountain Range an Ideal Destiny

s its name indicates, it is a mountain chain entirely located in the province of Mendoza, more precisely in the departments of Tupungato and Luján de Cuyo. It is part of the Frontal Mountain Range and the home place for more than fifty mounts that range from 3000 to 6000 m.a.s.l

The El Plata Mountain Range is made up of infinite mountain formations that turn it into a truly trekking school for Mendocinian people. The possibility of ascending to different summits with a variety of levels and demands makes of the El Plata Mountain Range an ideal place to practice adventure activities surrounded by an indescribable natural environment.

Among the possible summits to be conquered in the Mendoza Andes, we find:

• Stepanek (4080 msnm)
• Adolfo Calle (4250 msnm)
• San Bernardo (4150 msnm)
• Mausy (4630 msnm)
• Pico Parra (4387 msnm)
• Franke (4998 msnm)
• Lomas Amarillas (5098 msnm)
• Rincón (5330 msnm)
• Pico Vallecitos (5425 msnm)
• Vallecitos (5500 msnm)
• Pico Plata (5956 msnm)
• El Plata (5956 msnm)

Our services not only guarantee you an unforgettable mountain experience, but also invite you to explore places and towns standing at the time and very rarely visited by man, combining physical skill and pleasure to meet and interact with local cultures. Experience ANDEMARA seduces all the senses.

General Information

The Andes constitute one of the biggest mountain systems in the world. It extends all along South America with 7420 km. of length, 241 km. of width and a average height of 3660 m.a.s.l. It extends from the South of Chile and Argentina to Venezuela, crossing Bolivia, Perú, Ecuador and Colombia with its wonders.

How was The Andes Formed?

The Andes was formed thanks to the movement of tectonic plates that occurred at the end of the late Cretaceous. The Andes emerged from the surface due to the subduction of the oceanic plate below the South American plate.

Formación de la Cordillera de Los Andes

The Origin of The Name

Every word has its own story and, in some cases, even more than one. This is the case of the “Andes”, the second largest mountain chain in the world.

There are different theories as regards the etymology of the name “Andes”. One of them finds its meaning in a hispanicized aimara word which means “illuminated mountain”.

Another idea relates the name Andes to the quechua word “anti”, which means “elevated crest”; Others suppose that it derives from another quechua word “antisuyu”, one of the four parts of the Inca Empire. Nevertheless, it is more likely that the name Antisuyu has its origin in the mountain chain name.

“illuminated mountains” or “elevated crests” seem to be exquisite characteristics that the peoples owner of these lands observe and enjoy every day in the majestic South American mountains.

The Stone Sentinel

The Aconcagua Mount (6692 m.a.s.l) is entirely located in the Argentina Republic. Its coordinates are: 69 º 59 ‘West Longitude and 32 º 39′ South Latitude. It is inside the so called Aconcagua Provincial Park in the province of Mendoza.

El Centinela de Piedra

The “America’s Giant” is the objective of mountaineers from all over latitudes and a sport as well as nature observation aspiration for thousands of visitors that come every year and treasure such a unique and exclusive trip experience as the magnificence of this mount.

Our services not only guarantee an unforgettable mountain experience, but they also invite you to go over places and villages standing still in time and not frequently visited by people. All this combining physical ability and the pleasure of learning about and interacting with local cultures. The ANDEMARA experience seduces all the senses.


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