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I can practice? Tekking? What should I wear? How to optimize my energy? What kind of training do? Descubrilo in All Trekking. Tips, advice and more.

How to Dress?

¿Cómo vestirse?

All you need regarding clothing for trekking.
See more»

Increase your chances

Aumentá tus posibilidades

There are several points to keep in mind for an adventure trip is full of pleasant surprises and pleasant memories and does not turn into a bad experience. See more»

Freezing Tips

Congelamiento de extremidades

Causes, symptoms, prevention, treatment and everything you need to know about the freezing of extremities. See more»

How to avoid burnout?

¿Cómo evitar el agotamiento excesivo?

Walk, walk and walk without a doubt is a wonderful thing, but something that in many cases we do not take into account is the energy that we use when we perform various activities and trekking is no exception. See more»

Trekking poles

Bastones para trekking

Find out the advantages and benefits of using these elements trekking. Improve your performance and mountain safety. See more»

What is the AMS? How to prevent it?

¿Qué es el MAM? ¿Cómo prevenirlo?

In the mountains the recklessness and lack of information are responsible for the vast majority of misfortunes. We tell you that this is the Acute Mountain Sickness and how to prevent it. See more»

Who can go hiking in the mountains?

¿Quiénes pueden practicar trekking en alta montaña?

Find out more about this wonderful sport and you need to practice. See more»

Physical training

Entrenamiento físico

Physical preparation is essential when practicing any sport and trekking is no exception. We have for you a series of recommendations that will allow you to know how to train yourself to enjoy 100% at all times. See more»

Containers for hydration in height

Envases para hidratarse en altura

Proper hydration is essential when performing any physical activity, and hiking is no exception. Next we will detail the basic features of the packaging for proper hydration during a walk. See more»

The trekking backpack

La mochila de trekking

In the wonderful world of trekking backpack is one of the most important elements of the equipment, then it is necessary to pay special attention to the choice of this. See more»

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