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Mendoza Argentina. Espíritu Grande
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Trekking en Familia

Family Trekking

Family and Mountain in the same Adventure

For those who enjoy sharing with the family, Andemara created the Family Trekking: a program for the walkers of all ages and levels for them to rest, enjoy and practice sports at incredible places of the Andes.

An amazing family adventure, a trekking to the Mendoza Andes mount you wish, finding the tranquility and peace that only nature can offer and the fun and security that ANDEMARA has for you.

All the trekking options are qualified as “easy” so that kids can walk without problems and enjoy discovering the magical paths to be explored. They include extra time to rest, relax, stretch your body and open your mind surrounded by fascinating virgin places.

Fun, nature, comradeship, sport, are all part of the Family Trekking: a program thought according to you needs so that you can share the mountain mysteries with your family, experimenting new sensations in a natural and secure environment for you and yours

Always More!

  • Itineraries with extra time to rest
  • Introduction to camping notions
  • Professional guides that care about your security
  • Offering of adventures for different levels of fitness
  • Instruction on team work values
This is Family Trekking. Welcome to the Aventure.

Select the program that you like!
And enjoy your experience COMENZA Andemara:

Veguitas + Cerro Andresito. Trekking 3 días
La Cadenita del Plata. Trekking 3 días
La Cadenita del Plata
Treeking 3 days
Cerro Arenales. Trekking 2 días
Arenales Mount
Treeking 2 day
Vallecitos + Veguita. Trekking 2 días
Vallecitos + Veguita
Treeking 2 days
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