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Mendoza Argentina. Espíritu Grande
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Cerca del Cielo

Near Heaven

An Adventure in the Clouds

We want to invite you to live near the sky: a unique trip to the most elevated and significant summits of the Mendocinian Andes. We have planned this thinking about the high mountain lovers who want to complete a great expedition with maximum security and efficiency.

We propose you a demanding adventure that requires an indomitable will and previous experience in high altitude mountaineering. The itineraries are perfectly structured so that you can choose the one you like most and get the major reward of observing the fantastic view of the clouds below you.

The magical sensation of walking along rocky paths, accompanied by people from all over the world and guided by the best mountain guide in Mendoza Province, make Near the Clouds a unique program in which the only protagonist is you.

Always More!

  • Complete and gradual acclimatization processes
  • Major possibilities of reaching the summits
  • Personalized attention
  • Professional guiders that care about your security
This is Near Heaven. Welcome to the Aventure.

Select the program that you like!
And start to enjoy your Andemara Experience:

Cerro El Plata. Trekking 7 días
El Plata Mount
Treeking 7 days
Cerro Vallecitos. Trekking 7 días
Vallecitos Mount
Treeking 7 days
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