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Mendoza Argentina. Espíritu Grande
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Tres Cuatromiles

Three Fourthousands

Three Summits in Four Days

Every mountain of the Andes hides infinite secrets and marvelous stories that haven’t been told yet. There is nothing better than a program to allow you to go through, know and discover the major quantity of mounts possible in the shortest time possible. The three fourthousands option gives you that opportunity and many more.

A 4000 meters above sea level mount is the ideal challenge for those with mountaineering experience who want to go higher and better themselves. This program offers you the opportunity to ascend three more than 4000 meters high summits in a four-day trekking with complete fun and adventure. We will walk over the summits of the San Bernardo (4100 masl), Stepanek (4100 masl) and Adolfo Calle (4200 masl) mounts.

Far from the noisy built-up touristic places and the stress of city life, this is a trekking you cannot miss since it offers a unique combination of peace, security and adrenaline. Few mountains in the world offer what the Los Andes Mountain Range has for you. Get into this adventure!

Always More!

  • Three 4000 meters above sea level summits in four days
  • Professional guides that care about your security
  • First level logistic at your disposal
  • Mayor possibilities of having success
This is Three Fourthousands. Welcome to the Aventure.


Tres Cuatromiles

Days of Trekking: 4 days
Physical Difficulty: High
Technical Difficulty: Medium
Height: 4000msnm - 4200 msnm
Location: Vallecitos – Mendoza
Departures: All the year


Objetive: Three Fourthousands

Reach three summits of Cordón del Plata requires an unshakable will and a supreme spirit.


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Tres Cuatromiles
Tres Cuatromiles
Tres Cuatromiles
Tres Cuatromiles
Tres Cuatromiles
Tres Cuatromiles
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